Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

8ml Filler Packages: Advanced Aesthetics or Money Making Sham?


Money making .. It’s creating a dangerous culture. We shouldn’t be adopting an advertising strategy promoting ‘volume’ surely the promotion should be natural enhancement, rejuvenation and well… safety?

Let me confirm: I am not demonising large volume treatments: I am saying volume shouldn’t be the marketing driver! I often treat patients with 6-11ml.. but this always starts with assessment and consultation not advertising a celebrity themed ideological package… and there can only ever be one reason that volume is the driving force and that is a financial one because it certainly won’t be patient safety.. 

If we are to respect the anatomy and work within the parameters of natural proportions surely this is entirely built on the individual. How can two people with completely different bone structures, proportions, size, aesthetic pasts, medical history and basic aesthetic goals have the same prescriptive 8ml package sold in the limelight of a celebrity title.. As practitioners we have a responsibility / a duty of care and when we start going down this crazy route of ‘excess’ we increase the risk profile and also for problems years down the line and a protocol for Hyaluronidase..


So is this the latest marketing fad or a complete marketing genius? My opinion on a Kim K celebrity package, to put it bluntly, would be the same as the other generic paint by numbers techniques we’ve seen praised in aesthetics. Encouraging packages to recreate someone else’s features goes against everything I teach and have been taught within aesthetics, and general medicine to be fair. One size does not suit all, and in my opinion each person should be treated as an entity of their own. I think using 8ml of filler in certain clientele is usually because of a practitioners need for increased profits and extreme B&A’s to drive sales. A marketing fad is my conclusion!

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What is advanced aesthetics? I could argue that lips are advanced aesthetics? I always see online people pop at the top of their bio ‘advanced aesthetics practitioner’ but what does that mean? What does that definition mean to you? To me when I first started it meant you could do jawlines and chins, not just lips and nasolabial folds. However, the more I’ve practised my definition has changed and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s what I’ve been exposed to online. I see these 8ml packages that completely change a person’s face shape. Yes amazing but my GOD imagine the downtime. What does that look like in 6 months? Also…I’ve recently taken my first leap into the world of filler and it’s one I’ve found quite difficult. Family has reacted now how I expected and I’ve found it hard to adjust to my new features. I can’t imagine the emotions that some of these clients will have to go through when altering their faces that dramatically. Will they regret it? I personally practise a ‘less is more’ approach and since changing my face slightly , I feel even more strongly about this. No decision to change your face should be taken lightly and never should someone else’s profit margin come into play when it comes to medical aesthetics and altering someone’s appearance.


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