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Practitioners' First Choice

Community Question: Is celebrity pillow face and overfilling creating filler-phobia?

Madonna, The Kardashians, Zach Efron, some of your favorite injectors that went a little overboard…. the incidence of overfilling is endemic. Some of the industry’s poster-children of dermal filler usage have quite obviously done more than their anatomy can handle. The overuse of dermal filler is the world’s worst advert for the anti-aging, image preserving sales pitch of most filler companies. We hear clients young and old are constantly looking for more “natural” options that won’t rely so much on injector skill to prevent overfilling or image distortion. Despite access to the UK’s top aesthetic injectors I myself have avoided most filler treatments, instead opting for a biostimulator like PDRN or toxin like Botox. Filler being the most complication-laden of the aesthetic injectables, can be a major barrier for clients seeking small changes to their most prized possession – their face.  How do practitioners manage filler phobia in their clinics currently? Through demonstration of personal skill/ results? Patient education? Or offering reasonable alternatives to anxious patients (like myself) who show potential red flags for future dissolving? Let me know what you guys think and how you tackle this issue!


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