Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

How important is interior design for the patient experience?

So I feel like this topic is wildly overlooked in the industry. As service providers in a medical field focused on beauty and wellness the ambiance of your clinic space is of paramount importance. The medical industry has done an incredibly poor job of creating quality spaces. So much so, that in our cultural lexicon we use the word  “clinical” to describe “very efficient and without feeling; coldly detached” spaces (Oxford Dictionary).  We have all experienced clinical spaces that have been stale, lifeless and breed anxiety. On the flip side, entering clinics with great décor and a warm design can make a positive change to the energy of your day. I remember our first visit to KP Aesthetics in Hale felt like a little bite of luxury whilst we were working a full training day. As a patient, I can imagine the feeling of peace upon entering a clinic with such a keen eye for design and comfort. Another clinic that caught my eye was seeing photos of @NataliKellyLdn clinic on Instagram.

Her eye for interior design as well as commitment to positive energy (she’s also a Reiki healer) is something I felt even through Instagram! I wonder how much more interest practitioners could garner from showing clients the comforts of their clinic space rather than just proof of their clinical injecting skills? If patients feel comfortable and cared for the second they step into your clinic wouldn’t they be more likely to refer you to their friends? I think Clinic Ambiance (if I am to coin such a term) through a keen eye for interior design and good hospitality will be a major space of growth in aesthetics over the next several years.


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