Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

Is the idea of ‘reputational risk’ real?

This topic is inspired by the Clinic Mate origin story… once upon a time there was a very handsome Tear Trough Doctor who decided to call out some bad practices in the industry that were fucking over his colleagues. In response, some of the bad actors he called out… literally told him that he could “lose opportunities” because of “powerful people” and his career would be otherwise be finished. What a saga from just a couple months ago. Anyways, it led to many conversations in-house about how the powerful always stand to benefit from silence. The idea that whistle-blowing and speaking truth to power is somehow “risky” to one’s reputation is another attempt to brain wash people into silence. Institutions, particularly bad actors, benefit from conformity, fear and status quo. Not a good sign from an ethical standpoint if an entire industry is propped up on a “no-snitch” culture. The bigger issue (for them) is that when you can’t bully certain characters into submission, it makes you very vulnerable to truth. So next time you’re told not to do something due to fear of retribution or reputational risk just remember that going against your instincts because of a “warning” is yet another form of manipulation to keep you in your place.  


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