Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

More responsible for the miseducation of medical injectors… KOLs or product companies?

Dr. Uche:
KOLs. And I say that as an independent trainer for a filler company. I’ll give you guys a simple insight into my world. I was very impressed with Kysense as a brand, their ethos and science and decided to form a relationship with them. When that happened, boundaries were very clear – they would provide the product and service and I would provide the Tear Trough education. Simple. That means that any miseducation, delivered by me, to practitioners is on my head NOT Kysene. Why? Because I’m the teacher in this union and therefore I must have a strong grasp of what it is I’m teaching. It would simply NOT be good enough to miseducate and turn around and say I was misinformed by the affiliate company. The only way that flies is if you were LIED to. By the way, this isn’t to say that KOLs cannot make mistakes, it is to say that we bear the responsibility of any such miseducation. 

KOL doctors are more responsible and have created a MASSIVE ethical quagmire for themselves. Product companies have an incentive to sell products regardless of its impact on community health and well-being. Doctors, on the other hand, swear an oath to “do no harm.” Despite these wildly different directives doctors are knowingly used as pawns to do the bidding of their corporate partners. While this is no different to how most big companies utilise influencers, most Instagram famous people don’t take a Hippocratic oath to protect the very people they are trying to influence. Thus we are left with a massive ethical conundrum where KOLs trade in their ethics to wield the trust that has been built within the community to drive sales. Further, when practitioners are misled through creative marketing and medical KOLs defend the practice, we enter a very dangerous place. Ultimately, doctors should be held more accountable to commitments they’ve made to the public, their peers and any dark arts marketing they do on behalf of corporations should be called out.


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