Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

Products for Practitioners: Should more practitioners be thinking about offering their own products to clients?

So I will take 0.0% credit for the genesis of the idea. In Dr Uche’s book The Modern Healthcare Professional he speaks about the importance of offering products as a way to diversify your offerings as a healthcare professional and create more passive income streams. So why aren’t more practitioners doing this? More and more I see the most skilled injectors becoming slaves to the success of their own businesses. The more prolific their clinic, the more they inject, the less time they have to enjoy the fruits of their hard earned work. So how can practitioners begin to think about offering more to their clients that won’t keep them in the clinic until 9 PM or over bank holidays? One of my favorite clinics, Escape Aesthetics up in Toddington, had a great solution for this. In addition to their gorgeous new clinic space they released their own signature lip balm to accompany their clients post lip injections.

The lip balm is sold separately and designed specifically for their clients who have dermal fillers and helps to assist healing and prevent bruising. A PERFECT complement to their aesthetic services. They even matched the packaging to their clinic’s purple and gold themes – a very classy personal touch. As practitioners desire to expand their offerings to clients, post-injection products are more than likely the next big thing for injectors to offer additional value to their customer base.


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