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Practitioners' First Choice

Should ‘big pharma’ be able to use celebrity influencers to market?

Dr Uche:

Yes…but it’s yucky!

Technically, the ‘Big Pharma’ companies should be able to market their creations and if they have celebrity endorsement, then it should be ok to share that. My issue with it is more a gut feeling than a rational argument. We know big Pharma is driven by profits primarily…and that’s never a comfortable reality to accept when it comes to human health.

For me, it gets a little more twisted when celebrities then become a part of pushing the message to consume creations that have impacts on health that they probably have no understanding of. Sorry, this is just not for me…AND for the record I stopped being a John Legend fan after the Once Again album. 


I mean yes because they’re a company like any other but like how are we going to have celebrities marketing pharmaceutical drugs like they’re not already doing that in their spare time?

Jokes aside, let’s not get so into influencer culture that I now need John Legend telling me what to do with my body and health. I think that corporations should be a bit more creative about how they message and market their health technologies. Getting celebrity influencers that will do ANYTHING for a cheque is not the best way to build trust or loyalty to your pharmaceutical brand.

Link for the full tweet:

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