Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

Strategy Day

6th January 2023
Location: Clinic Mate HQ

Since making the leap from full time clinical practitioners and academic trainers to building the Clinic Mate platform, there have been a few times that we felt a little lost. So, we made a collective decision to reduce the time we spent “doing” and increase the time we spent “thinking”

What that looked like for us today was a post-workout 8am strategy meeting. Literally, sat in our sweats. We were so on it, that we took the executive decision to shower after the meeting with the belief that somehow that increased Stroke Volume might add to the brain processing power.  

We looked at all the different ideas we had on the board and made a point to identify our true, number one priority. We don’t do very well without an absolute focus or north star. 

We’ll give you guys a sneak peak into some of the strategy discussions points we covered:

  • What was our top priority and the key performance indicator? People coming to our website to see all the dope things on display and spark open conversation.
  • How can we make ourselves more cost and time efficient? We decided we had to reduce some of the podcasts that we would look to publish.
  • What were the social media channels that we could utilise? We explored Hootsuite and are thinking that Youtube Shorts, LinkedIn, and Instagram may be our main outlets. We’re a little concerned about the TikTok being ban FUD.
  • How can we keep the value stream flowing to our audience and keep you all engaged with the value we want to provide?
  • How do we stick to our mission to make the platform mostly free, and still cover costs? We’re still figuring that part out but we have some pretty good ideas.
  • Lastly, we discussed all the ways we can continue to have the community talking with us. We referenced some of the systems used in tech where they have “open source” code that developers can come and contribute.

The key lesson in all this: make time TO THINK, it provides way greater yield than being trapped in a cycle of “doing”. We once read that planning is the creation of task lists while strategizing is the creation of directives. We’ve learned not to confuse the two. 

We will have these strategy discussions twice a week (positive affirmation- check!). That said, we’re off to plan some daily tasks with some sumptuous Viennese Whirl biscuits on deck…we’ll worry about our five a day later.



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