Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

Would the aesthetic medicine workforce reduce if the UK privatized the NHS?

I’ve been reflecting on this given the recent calls for change to the NHS. If material changes come to the health system which leads to much higher pay and better lifestyle for healthcare workers will medical practitioners leave aesthetics? The aesthetics industry currently benefits from little competition in terms of medic pay, flexibility, and lifestyle options. However, as many people know there are still major structural issues within aesthetics including high barrier to entry through exorbitant training costs, extreme isolation, competition from non-medical injectors as well as other issue like lawsuits and increased professional risk. While I know many to enjoy their cosmetic work in aesthetics I know there are a large percentage who are in the industry due to financial, family and flexibility reasons. If the NHS were to allow for similar levels of flexibility and pay I think the aesthetics industry will really need to make some significant changes to compete. In a world where a medic can make more in their medical specialty than a day of injecting, some of the other occupational hazards within aesthetics will need to be addressed. Otherwise the industry will lose its shining stars back to the NHS and the entire aesthetics industry will be serviced by injectors without medical training.


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  1. I was discussing this the other day with my mum. She used to nurse years ago and was going to support the picket line. Let’s hope they don’t slash, trash and privatise but that we see reform and better conditions x

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