Practitioners' First Choice
Practitioners' First Choice

Do London injectors have a “stuck-up” attitude towards other UK injectors?

LMFAO! This question definitely had to come from a Northerner (love you guys 😜). NO! We don’t have a “stuck up” attitude but we definitely have an attitude…

So, I want to preface this piece by saying that I’m a Londoner, born and raised and it is without a doubt, the best city in the world! Sorry NYC, sorry Paris, sorry Lagos, sorry Tokyo, sorry Tel-Aviv… you get the point. I also know from my international patient contingent that London Aesthetics Providers have a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Furthermore, I have enough self awareness to know that the fact I mentioned all the international cities that London is better than, purposefully omitting other UK cities, will probably only further provoke my medical colleagues from the other UK regions, validating their view that the London posse is “stuck up”. 


Okay, okay, look, I did say that we have an attitude but “stuck up” is not one of them. Many London injectors are seeing an ultra-diverse patient base, with an incomparable mix of culture and socio-economic backgrounds. Furthermore, many of us herald from these diverse origins and so being “stuck up” to anyone just isn’t in our DNA, yet alone towards our other UK based colleagues. 

I’m also culturally integrated enough to know that there is a North-South UK divide that is mainly satirical but does highlight some differences in the people and that is no different within the world of practitioners.

So, how do I really feel? London based practitioners are competing in a big city, which is a little less friendly and doesn’t have a lot of space so, unsurprisingly, we’re a little more outwardly competitive and don’t always demonstrate the same camaraderie that exists in other parts of the UK; especially “up North”. And yes, it’s true my experience of non-London practitioners is that they’re a little friendlier but, that’s easy when your outside environments are the beautiful beaches of Exmouth, or the boundless greens of Yorkshire, and NOT the cracked glass of a pound-store or the cranes and scaffolding of a new block of flats.

So, while I concede London practitioners have an attitude that swings from cool to competitive, “stuck up” is definitely NOT one I will subscribe to.

Long. Live. (South) London.
Dr. Uche


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